Electrical Testing

Rivers Electrical provides commercial electrical testing for businesses throughout eastern Massachusetts.  Whether we are performing infrared testing or power quality testing, our highly skilled and qualified electricians have the latest information, tools and technology to ensure your equipment is working safely and efficiently. 

Electrical Testing for Preventive Maintenance

Insufficiently maintained systems can cause business interruption, poor energy efficiency, and premature equipment breakdown.  Preventative maintenance is a key factor in how long equipment will run trouble-free and how long it will last.  A planned and preventive maintenance program will reduce equipment failures, unplanned down time and unbudgeted expenditures.

Our highly trained electricians perform the inspection, testing and maintenance of critical electrical components and support systems.  We use infrared thermography and other detection tools for comprehensive analysis of your equipment.  You receive a complete report listing any necessary urgent repairs and other repairs that inhibit deterioration.

Infrared Electrical Testing

Infrared electrical testing helps you prevent potential safety hazards and operational issues.   Most electrical components tend to get hot before they break down, and infrared inspection is preventative maintenance technology used to detect early warning signs that minimize the risk of system failures.  We can perform infrared inspections without disturbing your operations.

Our experienced thermographers scan equipment to identify excess heat and problems such as loose connections, faulty fuses, defective breakers, damaged switches, unbalanced loads, open circuits and defective equipment.  When complete, we provide you with a report that documents urgent repairs and a recommended service schedule.

Power Quality Electrical Testing

Voltage spikes, harmonics and electrical noise can cause damage to sensitive equipment and computers.  Power quality testing determines efficient generation, distribution and use of electrical energy.  It can help you with energy management, preventive maintenance, quality control, and saving money.

Our skilled electricians gather, analyze, and translate electricity measurement data into useful information that will ensure that you don’t have problems with disturbances, over voltage, voltage harmonics, flicker and other factors that can cause problems.