Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire alarm systems installation is a significant responsibility.  For any school, hospital, office, or other commercial or industrial building, few systems are as critical for safety as fire alarms.  It is important to choose a professional and experienced electrical contractor who specializes in fire alarm system installation.  Our fire protection team is extremely experienced and well-informed on the latest safety provisions to meet the changes in fire detection, signaling, and emergency communications.

We engineer, install, test and maintain fire alarm systems for new construction buildings and replacement systems for one building or an entire campus.

Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection, Installation, Service & Repair, and System Upgrades or Replacement. 

Commercial Fire Alarm System Design & Installation

Because each building is different with its own layout and challenges, it is typically best to design a completely custom fire alarm system.  We engineer solutions that conform to fire safety codes, building codes, local regulations, insurance company requirements, best practices and your objectives.  Our fire protection engineers construct systems that include device and appliance layout, specification development, battery and voltage drop/circuit calculations, control panel wiring diagrams, conduit when necessary, conductor routing, conductor size, floor plan drawings, riser diagrams, wiring diagrams, battery backup, and product data sheets.  

Commercial Fire Alarm System Testing & Maintenance

To ensure continued safety and compliance with regulations and insurance requirements, we perform annual and semi-annual testing and maintenance.  Our specialized fire alarm systems technicians inspect the application, installation, location, performance, fire warning equipment, emergency communications systems and all the components.