Structured Cabling Systems

Structure cabling systems support your facility’s phone lines, telecommunications, audiovisual communication, data transfer across computer systems, and location connections to fiber option networks.  For businesses today, structured cabling is crucial for consistently reliable communications and networking.  Intelligently designed and installed structured cabling is the key to high-performing commercial communication systems that can accommodate your company’s growth and changes.  

Structured Cabling Design

Each building’s structured cabling design is unique with challenges that determine installation, but systems typically have six subsystems.

  • Entrance facilities is location that the telephone wiring and internet access begins the connection to your company’s network.
  • Equipment rooms house equipment and wire consolidation points in environmentally controlled rooms
  • Backbone cabling provides the communication between the equipment rooms and entrance facilities.
  • Horizontal cabling connects telecommunications rooms to individual outlets and work areas on each floor.
  • Telecommunications rooms provide the connection between the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
  • Work-area components connects end-user equipment to outlets of the horizontal system, providing them with access to the network.

While each system is comprised of the six elements, there are several influences that determine the design.  Our structured cabling technicians work with you to configure the system to best suit your communication and connectivity needs, building aesthetics, and types of equipment.

We install cabling upgrades and completely new systems for reliable uninterrupted business operations.